Earth from Space: Holbox Island

Video: 00:02:41 In this week’s edition of the Earth from Space programme, the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission takes us over Holbox Island, off the Quintana Roo coast of Mexico. See also Holbox Island, Mexico  to download the image. To source

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Ozone hole set to close

The size of the ozone hole fluctuates – usually forming each year in August, with its peak in October, before finally closing in late November or December. Not only will the hole close earlier than usual in 2019, but it is also the smallest it has been in 30 years owing to unusual atmospheric conditions. […]

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A new type of fire, the fuel of the future?

Later this month a Texus rocket will launch from Esrange, Sweden, that will travel about 260 km upwards and fall back to Earth offering researchers six minutes of zero gravity. Their experiment? Burning metal powder to understand a new type of fire. To source

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Earth images in vogue

Image: Images of Earth from space meet fashion this week as Vogue magazine features the ‘Fragility and Beauty’ exhibition in Milan, Italy. Through several satellite images, the Italian online edition of Vogue highlights how the exhibition creates a link between scientific research, space technology and art, focusing on the theme of climate change and sustainable […]

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How space helps seriously ill patients in air ambulances

Medical emergencies are set to be better managed thanks to air ambulances being equipped with space-enabled technology. Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex – which treats some 2,500 of the most seriously injured and ill patients each year in the south east of England – is to equip all its aircraft with devices developed in collaboration […]

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Suitcase-sized asteroid explorer

Image: This replica model of ESA’s ‘Miniaturised Asteroid Remote Geophysical Observer’, or M-Argo, was on display at the Agency’s recent Antennas workshop . It is the one of numerous small missions planned as part of in ESA’s Technology Strategy , being presented at this month’s Space19+ Council at Ministerial Level. This is a suitcase-sized nanospacecraft […]

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