Behold the Northern Lights

As our nearest star, the Sun bathes Earth in a steady stream of energetic particles, magnetic fields and radiation that can stimulate our atmosphere and light up the night sky, like the aurora borealis, or northern lights. To source

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Watch Sentinel-3B launch

Follow the Sentinel-3B launch live from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Russia on 25 April. Streaming begins at 17:30 GMT (19:30 CEST), with liftoff scheduled at 17:57 GMT (19:57 CEST) To source

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ESA teams ready for space

Tomorrow’s launch of Sentinel-3B will complete the Sentinel-3 constellation and represents the culmination of months of training to fly Europe’s latest Copernicus satellite. To source

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Space smash: simulating when satellites collide

Satellites orbiting Earth are moving at many kilometres per second – so what happens when their paths cross? Satellite collisions are rare, and their consequences poorly understood, so a new project seeks to simulate them, for better forecasting of future space debris. To source

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