Big Asteroid’s Closest Fly-By In At Least 400 Years – Radar Imagery | Video

By Steve Spaleta | April 18, 2017 05:51pm ET

A ~4200-foot (~1.3 km) asteroid named 2014 JO25 will fly by Earth on April 19, 2017. It will pass at a safe distance of  ~1.1 million miles (1.8 million km). Delay-Doppler imagery of the asteroid from the Arecibo Observatory suggests that it is double the size that was previously thought. This will be the closest fly-by of an asteroid this size or bigger since asteroid Toutatis  in 2004. (Video updated April 18, 2017 to refect new size discovered with Arecibo Observatory imagery).

credit : / animations courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech / edited by @SteveSpaleta

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