Watch Live! Slooh's Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Live Stream @ 11:30 am ET

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Starting at 11:30 a.m. EDT (1530 GMT) today (Aug. 21), the astronomy broadcasting service Slooh will livestream the total solar eclipse crossing the continental United States from coast to coast.

Here are some resources for your eclipse experience: 

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Spanish Language Webcast

You can watch it live in the window above, courtesy of Slooh, or directly at . You can also watch a Spanish-language version of the broadcast in partnership with Univision in the window below. NASA also has a Spanish-language eclipse resource here: .

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From Slooh:

“On Aug. 21, 2017, American skywatchers will be treated to a rare and spectacular celestial event — the first total solar eclipse visible from the continental United States in nearly four decades. This year’s “Transcontinental Total Solar Eclipse” will darken skies from Oregon to South Carolina along a stretch of land about 70 miles (113 kilometers) wide. Wherever you are, you can watch live coverage right here on Slooh.

“Slooh will be covering the entire eclipse, from the moment the Moon’s shadow first touches Earth’s surface, before racing from one coast to the other, capturing everything from the partial phases across the country to the magical moment of totality as it streaks across the United States at supersonic speeds! We’ll have Slooh astronomers on the ground in Stanley, Idaho, and a team of feed partners ready to bring you stunning full colour live views of the Sun as it is engulfed in darkness.

“We’ll also have our team of astronomical experts covering everything from the science of eclipses, advice on how-to observe the eclipse from your own backyard, together with our team of cultural correspondents who will shed light on the history and spirituality of eclipses.

“We are partnered with Univision to provide a Spanish simulcast. Click here to watch.

Visit to snap and share your own photos from this live event, interact with our hosts and guests, and personally control Slooh’s telescopes.

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