Slooh Webcasts: Join Slooh's Summer Solstice & Solar Eclipse Webcast!

Courtesy of Slooh

The Slooh community observatory will showcase the summer solstice today (June 21) and the upcoming Great American (or Transcontinental) Solar Eclipse at 5 p.m. EDT (2100 GMT). Watch live courtesy of Slooh. You can go to to join and watch this live show , chat with audience members and interact with the hosts, and personally control Slooh’s telescopes. 

From Slooh: 

On Wednesday, June 21, at 2:00 PM PDT | 5:00 PM EDT | 21:00:00 UTC (International Times ), The Planetary Society CEO, Bill Nye, and the Bad Astronomer himself, Phil Plait, will join Slooh to celebrate the Summer Solstice and look ahead to the biggest event of the year: the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, which will be visible across the continental United States. 

The live event will feature extraordinary views of the Sun streamed from Slooh observatory partners all over the world, including close-up views from Prescott Observatory in Prescott, Arizona, wide angle views from New York City, Chicago, Seattle, Hawaii, and other locations around the globe. Slooh regularly brings together feed partners from around the world, commanding a network of telescopes, cameras, and various high definition feeds from world-class observatories and amateur astronomers alike.

In addition to celebrating the day of the June Solstice, Slooh will preview 2017’s main event, the Transcontinental Total Solar Eclipse, and look forward to their outdoor celebration for the Eclipse in Stanley, Idaho. Slooh is no stranger to the challenges of live streaming the biggest and most spectacular events in the sky. The company has been covering Total Solar Eclipses (as well as Partial and Annular Eclipses) for years, dispatching crews to cover them in person from locations including Kenya, the Faroe Islands, and Indonesia. These live events have been enjoyed by millions of viewers worldwide.

The June 21st show will be hosted by Slooh’s own Eric Edelman and will feature appearances by Slooh team members and special guests alike, sharing their appreciation of the Sun and August’s main event.

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