Amazon Prime Day Deal: Build Your Own Robotic Rover Kit

This built-it-yourself robotic car kit by Elegoo is on sale as part of Amazon Prime Day.

It’s Amazon Prime Day, space lovers, and there are some great deals on everything from telescopes to toy rockets.

We think planetary science fans will also appreciate this build-it-yourself robotic car kit from Elegoo . The kit comes with all the equipment you need to assemble the car’s electronics and then program it to drive itself (not unlike the beloved rovers on Mars ). With the Prime Day discount, the kit is currently listed for $55.99, down from $69.99.

The car can operate in different modes, such as auto-go, infrared control, obstacle avoidance and line tracking (in which the car follows a designated path laid out for it), according to the product description.

The kit is good for both beginners and professionals, and for teenagers and adults, according to the product description. For kids, the kit offers a chance to learn about electronics, programming and robotics, and comes with a tutorial for how to build the car and how to operate it in various modes. Users can control the car using a smartphone.

This is the V1 version of the car kit, which is best for people with some DIY electronics experience. The V2 version has a more user-friendly electronic board interface, and is better for novices. 

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