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Mercury orbiter test

Technology image of the week: the Mercury Planetary Orbiter of the BepiColombo mission standing high above the floor of its test chamber To source

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Inside a rocket’s belly

Human spaceflight and robotic operations image of the week: Looking up at the European Service Module test model that will power NASA’s Orion spacecraft To source

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Video: cooking for Mars

When you go to Mars, bring a chef, argued Thorsten Schmidt at TEDxESA. Watch his talk on preparing meals for ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen’s mission To source

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Integral X-rays Earth’s aurora

Normally busy with observing high-energy black holes, supernovas and neutron stars, ESA’s Integral space observatory recently had the chance to look back at our own planet’s aurora. To source

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Counting down

The first laser node of the European Data Relay System will be launched into space on 29 January from Baikonur, Kazakhstan To source

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Comet landscape

Space science image of the week: Soak up the sights of the diverse landscape in the Imhotep region of Rosetta’s comet To source

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Launch timelapse

A timelapse of last month’s Principia launch to the Internaional Space Station with ESA astronaut Tim Peake, in 4K ultra-high definition To source

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LISA Pathfinder arrives at its worksite

After a six-week journey, LISA Pathfinder arrived at its destination today, an orbit around a point of balance in space where it will soon start testing technologies crucial for exploring the gravitational Universe. To source

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