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July 4 Come Early: NASA Sounding Rocket Releases Colorful Morning Cloud Show (Photos)

Finally! After several delays, NASA finally released colorful artificial clouds during a sounding rocket launch early June 29. A NASA sounding rocket launched early this morning and lit up the skies over the U.S. East Coast with colorful clouds, ringing in an early July 4 celebration. The launch of the Terrier-Improved Malemute two-stage sounding rocket […]

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Gemini 9: NASA's Troubled Rendezvous Mission in Photos

On June 3, 1966, two NASA astronauts blasted off on the three-day Gemini 9 mission to rendezvous with another spacecraft and test out the Air Force’s Astronaut Maneuvering Unit — essentially a rocket-powered jet pack. But not everything went according to plan, and both the rendezvous and spacewalk encountered hiccups during the mission.Here: the prime […]

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Drill! Students Mine for Simulated Martian Ice

Colorado School of Mines students worked on their concept for the Mars Ice Challenge on June 14 at NASA’s Langley Research Center. While Mars has water ice beneath its surface, extracting the liquid for future human missions will be a challenge. A recent NASA competition tasked university student teams to mine simulated Martian subsurface ice. […]

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With a Better Brain, Curiosity Mars Rover Picks Its Own Targets

The remote sensing mast on NASA Mars rover Curiosity holds two science instruments for studying the rover surroundings and two stereo navigation cameras for use in driving the rover and planning rover activities. The Curiosity Mars Rover is now smart enough to pick its own targets for exploration, according to a new study. The secret […]

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SpaceX Successfully Launches Bulgarian Satellite (Photos)

Falcon 9 rocket Credit: SpaceX The Falcon 9 rocket sent the Bulgarian satellite into space from the historic Launchpad 39A at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Falcon 9 Rocket Credit: SpaceX Shown here, a Falcon 9 rocket sending a Bulgarian communications satellite into space. SpaceX is scheduled to launch another Falcon 9 rocket […]

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