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In Photos: 8 Months on 'Mars' with the HI-SEAS Mission V Crew

Doin’ Work Credit: HI-SEAS V crew Two crew members from HI-SEAS Mission V walk uphill on the Hawaiian volcano Mauna Loa while pulling a cart of scientific equipment. Dinner Credit: HI-SEAS V crew Laura, one of the HI-SEAS Mission V crewmembers, puts some homemade bread on display. Hanging Out Credit: HI-SEAS V crew Several of […]

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Planet Jupiter: Facts About Its Size, Moons and Red Spot

This photo of Jupiter was taken on Sept. 20, 2010 when Jupiter made its closest approach to Earth since 1963. (Uranus [insert] was visible through telescopes near Jupiter.) Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Fittingly, it was named after the king of the gods in Roman mythology. In a similar manner, the […]

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Spectacular New Images Showcase Saturn's Rings

Planet Saturn: Facts About Saturn's Rings, Moons & Size

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun and the second largest planet in the solar system. Saturn was the Roman name for Cronus, the lord of the Titans in Greek mythology. Saturn is the root of the English word “Saturday.” Saturn is the farthest planet from Earth visible to the naked human eye, but […]

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Northrop Grumman to Acquire Orbital ATK

Orbital ATK will become a fourth division of Northrop Grumman under the deal, bringing to the company complementary capabilities such as launch vehicles like the Minotaur 4 (above) and satellite manufacturing. WASHINGTON — Northrop Grumman will acquire Orbital ATK in a $9.2 billion deal the companies announced Sept. 18. Under the terms of the deal, […]

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Farewell, Cassini: Gorgeous Final Photos Are a Fitting Send-Off for Saturn Probe

The Cassini spacecraft’s farewell images are jaw-dropping, just like countless other photos the probe snapped during its 13 years in the Saturn system. Cassini’s historic mission came to a dramatic end today (Sept. 15), with a deliberate plunge into Saturn’s thick atmosphere . As it zoomed toward the ringed planet Wednesday and Thursday (Sept. 13 […]

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Gemini 10: NASA's Epic 1st Double Rendezvous Mission in Photos

Onboard the NASA Motor Vessel Retriever, astronaut Michael Collins , the Gemini 10 prime crew pilot, sits in Static Article #5 (SA-5), a water egress trainer, on June 18, 1966. Collins and astronaut John Young , command pilot, were placed in the water inside the SA-5 to practice exiting the craft as well as water […]

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