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'Rocket Science' Book Launches Kids Through Fundamentals of Space

“Rocket Science,” written by Andrew Radner and illustrated by Galen Frazer, talks about exploring planets across the solar system. Here, a rover on Mars (presumably the Curiosity rover) lasers a target on the surface. As I read the beautifully illustrated “Rocket Science ” by aerospace engineer Andrew Rader and illustrator Galen Frazer, I couldn’t help […]

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An Evening with Neil deGrasse Tyson: Tickets Giveaway

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson will host a three-hour discussion on “The Search for Life in the Universe” in Asbury Park, New Jersey on Friday (Dec. 15) at 8 p.m. EST, and is giving away two free tickets! To enter the contest, visit’s Facebook page , find our post about the giveaway and post […]

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In Pictures: Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser Aces Glide Test Flight

Ready for Testing Credit: Ken Ulbrich/NASA The spacecraft was moved from inside the facility by a transport to prepare for the test. Up and Away Credit: Ken Ulbrich/NASA The full scale Dream Chaser craft, shown here lifted by a Columbia Helicopters Model 234-UT Chinook helicopter, flew a pre-planned flight path after its release. Big Plans […]

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Rocket Lab Aborts Test Launch Seconds Before Liftoff

A Rocket Lab Electron rocket nearly took off from the company’s launch facility in New Zealand on Dec. 11, but launch was aborted seconds before takeoff. The private spaceflight company Rocket Lab aborted a scheduled test launch of its small-scale Electron rocket today (Dec. 11), just 2 seconds before liftoff. At Rocket Lab’s private launch […]

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