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Cinco de Mayo Meteor Shower Rains Halley's Comet Bits on Earth: Watch It Tonight

This photograph of Halley’s Comet was taken Jan. 13, 1986, by James W. Young, resident astronomer of JPL’s Table Mountain Observatory in the San Bernardino Mountains, using a 24-inch reflective telescope. Debris from Halley’s Comet produces the Eta Aquarids meteor shower each May. Credit: NASA/JPLCredit: NASA/JPL When asked to name a comet, most people will […]

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Century-Old 'Mini-Supernova' Captured in Gorgeous NASA Photo

The classical nova remnant GK Persei, as seen by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.Credit: NASA A stunning new photo shows the expanding celestial fireworks created by a stellar explosion that first lit up Earth’s skies more than a century ago. The image, taken by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, depicts GK Persei, a sort of mini-supernova that […]

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SpaceX Dragon Crew Test Vehicle

SpaceX's Dragon Crew Capsule to Get 1st Big Test This Week

SpaceX’s Dragon crew capsule is scheduled to undergo a test that will simulate an emergency launch abort on May 6, 2015.Credit: SpaceX The manned version of SpaceX’s Dragon capsule will take to the air Wednesday (May 6) in a critical test of its launch-emergency systems. A Dragon spacecraft test vehicle is scheduled to lift off at […]

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Flash Back to America

Burt Rutan Sees Generations of Innovation | Xprize Video

Protecting Space Robots…from People! To See Big Bang, Space Probe Must Chill Out | Planck Mission Video Rover Tracks: Spirit at Gusev – Lucky Again Flash Back to America’s First Spaceflight Galileo’s Imperfect World: The Moon (Again) Rover Tracks: The Strange Case of Bounce Rock Rover Tracks: Being There – Controlling Missions on Mars Rover […]

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