Halloween in Space: A Vampire Astronaut and Nightmare in Orbit

Clayton Anderson was known for unusual pastimes during his long-duration space mission in 2007 — here, he portrayed an eerie spacebound vampire over the course of the day.Credit: Clayton C. Anderson You might masquerade as an astronaut for Halloween, but what about when astronauts dress up? Here’s how one spacefarer celebrated the spooky season. In […]

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Boo! Halloween Asteroid Looks Just Like a Creepy Skull

This radar view of the Halloween asteroid 2015 TB145 looks hauntingly like a skull ahead of an Oct. 31, 2015 flyby. The asteroid pass safely by Earth at a range of 300,000 miles. The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico captured this view.Credit: National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center (Arecibo Observatory) NASA has called it a “Great […]

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Cosmic Soufflé: The Tricky Art of Spiral Galaxies

This image by the Hubble Space Telescope shows a dramatic view of the spiral galaxy M51, dubbed the Whirlpool Galaxy. Seen in near-infrared light, most of the starlight has been removed, revealing the Whirlpool’s skeletal dust structure. This new image is the sharpest view of the dense dust in M51. The narrow lanes of dust […]

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This series of radar images of the asteroid 2015 TB145 were captured by the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. They show views of the so-called Halloween asteroid as it rotated during a 40-minute observation ahead of its Oct. 31, 2015 flyby of Earth.

Halloween Asteroid Flies By Earth Today: Watch It Live Online

A huge asteroid the size of the football stadium has a close encounter with Earth today (Oct. 31) and you can watch the space rock safely fly by online this Halloween. NASA scientists have dubbed asteroid a cosmic “Great Pumpkin” to celebrate the spooky holiday flyby. The newfound asteroid 2015 TB145 will buzz Earth 1:01 […]

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'Be the Astronaut' and 'Journey to Space' in New Museum Exhibits

In the new exhibit “Journey to Space” at the California Science Center, guests step inside a full-size replica of the International Space Station’s Destiny Lab as it rotates around them, giving a hint at what astronauts experience in space.Credit: California Science Center/Science Museum of Minnesota Two museums’ new exhibits offer the public a chance to […]

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Halloween Fireballs Will Blaze in the Sky Through November

Amateur skywatcher John Chumack filmed a number of Taurid meteors in 2012. In 2015, the Taurids will be active all through November, but will peak between Nov. 5 and Nov. 12.Credit: John Chumack/ During the next couple of weeks, there is a fairly good chance that Earth will encounter a swarm of unusually large space […]

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