'Tomorrowland': Disney's Retro Future Sci-Fi Film in Pictures

Tom Chao Tom Chao has contributed to as a producer and writer since 2000. As a writer and editor, he has worked for the Voyager Company, Time Inc. New Media, HarperCollins and Worth Publishers. He has a bachelor’s degree in Cinema Production from the University of Southern California, and a master’s degree from NYU’s […]

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Avoiding 'Armageddon': Asteroid Deflection Test Planned for 2022

ESA’s Asteroid Impact Mission concept, currently under study, would be humanity’s first mission to a binary asteroid: the 800 m-diameter Didymos is accompanied by a 170 m-diameter secondary body.Credit: ESA In the 1998 movie “Armageddon,” an asteroid “the size of Texas” threatens to destroy Earth until NASA employs a deep-sea oil driller (played by Bruce […]

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Rare Quasar Quartet Is the First of Its Kind Ever Seen

This image shows a rare view of four quasars, indicated by white arrows, found together by astronomers using the Keck Observatory in Hawaii. The bright galactic nuclei are embedded in a giant nebula of cool, dense gas visible in the image as a blue haze.Credit: Hennawi & Arrigoni-Battaia, MPIA A giant nebula in the early […]

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