Mystery on Mercury: Strange Pattern of Huge Cliffs Defy Explanation

This amazing view of Mercury’s southern polar region was captured by NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft during its mission to orbit the planet for years. Strange patterns of huge cliffs and ridges (visible here near center) have raised a new Mercury mystery for scientists.Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington/Smithsonian Institution A baffling new […]

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Sand strike

Technology image of the week: this aluminium plate was ripped inwards by a single sand grain-sized fleck of aluminium oxide To source

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Airbus' Adeline Project Aims to Build Reusable Rockets and Space Tugs

Artist’s concept of Airbus’ reusable Adeline craft coming in for a landing.Credit: Airbus Europe wants reusable rockets, too. European aerospace company Airbus has revealed its plans to develop rocket engines that fly back to a runway and a reusable upper stage that acts as a space tug — reusability concepts that mirror those being developed […]

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Hubble image of SDP.81

Einstein Ring Reveals Explosion of Star Birth in Deep Universe (Video)

The mysteries of star formation in a distant galaxy have been revealed in unprecedented detail, thanks to the twisting and bending of light by gravity. By pairing the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope in Chile with a natural phenomenon known as gravitational lensing, scientists have probed the details of a galaxy 11.4 light-years away […]

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'Celestial Butterfly' Nebula Spreads Its Wings in Photos, Video

A cosmic butterfly of a nebula is undergoing a stunning metamorphosis in space, according to new images from a telescope in Chile. The celestial view, captured by the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope, is actually the result of dust spit out of a dying star that is then shaped by a stellar companion to […]

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