Transfert PAC en ZLV

Sentinel-2A poised high

With less than a week to liftoff, the next Sentinel satellite for the Copernicus environmental monitoring programme is now in position high up in the launch tower at Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. To source

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Astronaut Spies Menacing Tropical Storm Bill from Space

This photo, taken by NASA astronaut Scott Kelly from the International Space Station, shows Tropical Storm Bill in the Gulf of Mexico on June 15, 2015.Credit: Scott Kelly/NASA Tropical Storm Bill lurks menacingly near the coast of Texas in a photo taken from space yesterday (June 15). The image was captured from the International Space […]

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Why Aren't Aliens Calling Earth?

This article was originally published on The Conversation . The publication contributed this article to’s Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights . We’ve been conditioned by television and movies to accept the likelihood of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. “Of course there’s intelligent life out there; I saw it last week on Star Trek.” […]

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Pluto Awaits: NASA Spacecraft 20 Million Miles from Epic Encounter

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is four weeks away from its flyby of Pluto, with just 20 million miles to go. This diagram shows the current position of New Horizons, along with its path so far (in green) and the road ahead (in red).Credit: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft is less […]

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Tropical Storm Bill Seen From Space | Time-Lapse Video

The Expanding Danger of Space Debris: Fragmentation Orbiting Carbon Observatory Targeting Saturn’s Moon, Titan Moonwalker’s Emotions Color the Gray Moon Secret of the Northern Lights Revealed MIT Student Photos of Earth From Near-Space Beaming Solar Power From Space Discovery’s Night Launch: STS 119 Mission Deep Blue from Infinite Black-Troubled Seas Seen from Space Europe’s GMES […]

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'Floating Cloud' Could Replace Mirrors on Future Space Telescopes

Image of laser light reflected off a glitter mirror onto a camera sensor. This work was performed as a part of the Orbiting Rainbows project for space telescope mirror technology.Credit: G. Swartzlander/Rochester Institute of Technology Using clouds of glitter to reflect light could be a way of reducing the weight of future space telescopes, scientists […]

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NASA Satellite Falls Out of Space, Burns Up Over Tropics

An artist’s illustration of the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite in orbit around Earth. The satellite studied Earth’s rainfall for 17 years and was retired in April 2015. It burned up in the atmosphere on on June 16.Credit: NASA A dead NASA satellite plunged out of space today and burned up in the Earth’s atmosphere […]

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