Killjoys - Season 1

SyFy Channel's 'Killjoys' Creator Talks Sci-Fi and Special Effects

The stars of the Syfy show “Killjoys,” (l to r) John (Aaron Ashmore), Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), D’Avin (Luke Macfarlane).Credit: Syfy Spaceships, bounty hunters, political turmoil and mysteriousorganizationsare some of the many layers that Michelle Lovretta, creator of the new Syfy series “Killjoys,” has added to the show. On a planetary system known as “The Quad […]

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SyFy's 'Killjoys' Launches Bounty Hunters Across the Final Frontier

A trio of bounty hunters chase wanted criminals through space in the original science fiction series “Killyjoys,” which debuts on the Syfy network tonight (June 19). In the fictional world of “Killjoys,” people travel via spaceship through “the Quad,” a central planet and its three moons populated by an array of human cultures (the pilot […]

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Final days on Earth

Sealed from view and poised high: watch the timelapse of Sentinel-2A’s encapsulation and integration on the Vega rocket To source

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San Francisco Bay Area

Earth observation image of the week: the San Francisco Bay Area in the US state of California, also featured on the Earth from Space video programme To source

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Band Of Galaxies Imitates Real Rock N' Roll Lifestyle | Video

Comparing this ‘cosmic quartet’ is akin to every day life of the Rock greats, where you find internal strife (black holes, tidal tails), struggles for stardom (star formation) and sexual encounters (galactic mergers). Four of the Hickson Compact Group 16 (NGC 839, NGC 838, NGC 835, and NGC 833) have been imaged by the Hubble. […]

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Orbiting 'Rest Stops' to Repair Crumbling Satellites?

More than 1,100 satellites are orbiting the Earth right now transmitting TV shows and phone calls, collecting rainforest data and spying on missile bases around the planet. Most are expensive, costing tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to build, launch and operate. Now NASA wants to build a satellite service station that can gas […]

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Philae Rises! What's Next for Rosetta's Comet Lander?

This was the first 360 degree observations of Philae’s surroundings on the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in November 2014. Shortly after these images were received, the lander fell silent after running out of battery power.Credit: ESA Perched on the surface of a comet, the revived Philae lander should soon be able to resume — and […]

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