[JAXA President Monthly Press Conference] JAXA President Monthly Regular Press Conference March 2015

JAXA President Monthly Regular Press Conference Date and time: From 11:00 – 12:00 a.m. on March 19 (Thu.), 2015Venue: JAXA Tokyo Office Presentation Room (B1 floor)MC: Shigeki Kamigaichi, JAXA Public Affairs Department Director Organizational change will take place at JAXA on April 1 based on two major purposes, namely 1) to correspond to (Japan’s) “policy […]

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Wanted: a mission name for astronaut Thomas

ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet will fly to the International Space Station next year on a six-month adventure of science in weightlessness. Now Thomas wants you to think of a name for his flight – and it will appear on the mission patch he will wear in space. To source

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