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Northeastern Europe

Earth observation image of the week: a Sentinel-3 image over the Baltic Sea and surrounding countries, also featured on the Earth from Space video programme To source

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Simplifying complexity

Operations image of the week: For ESA’s flight dynamics team, a simple, low-tech white board is a good way to track the progress of aerobraking manoeuvres at Mars To source

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Supersonic landfall

Technology image of the week: This test parachute deployed at supersonic velocity, demonstrating Europe’s capability to land safely from space To source

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Last command

LISA Pathfinder principal investigator Stefano Vitale sends the final command to the spacecraft, shutting it down after successfully demonstrating the technology to build ESA’s future gravitational wave observatory To source

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Dancing with Cassini

A complex coordinated ‘dance’ between ESA and NASA deep-space tracking stations is following the international Cassini orbiter during its Grand Finale, 1.2 billion km away To source

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