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Planting oxygen

When resources are limited, you have to work with what you have – especially in the harsh environment of space. Though the International Space Station is regularly restocked by cargo vessels, like today’s Dragon, self-sufficient spaceflight in the future will require us to recycle and reuse precious resources like oxygen. An experiment on its way […]

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Earth from Space

The Sentinel-1 radar satellite mission takes us over California’s Orange County and surrounding areas in the 252nd edition To source

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Orange County

Earth observation image of the week: Sentinel-1 radar vision over the US state of California To source

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Mars upside down

Which way is up in space? Planets are usually shown with the north pole at the top and the south pole at the bottom. In this remarkable image taken by ESA’s Mars Express, the Red Planet is seen with north at the bottom, and the equator at the top. To source

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