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Replay DG briefing

Replay of the media briefing with ESA DG Jean-Jacques Dordain and his successor Johann-Dietrich Woerner at the Paris airshow on 15 June To source

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Philae wake-up triggers intense planning

The receipt of signals from Rosetta’s Philae lander on 13 June after 211 days of hibernation marked the start of intense activity. In coordination with its mission partners, ESA teams are working to juggle Rosetta’s flight plan to help with renewed lander science investigations.  To source

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Iridescent Mercury

Space Science Image of the Week: Although NASA’s Messenger mission has ended, ESA’s BepiColombo will continue the quest to understand mysterious Mercury To source

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DG media briefing

Watch today’s media briefing at the Paris Air & Space Show with ESA DG Jean-Jacques Dordain and successor Johann-Dietrich Woerner. Streaming starts at 16:00 CEST To source

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