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Eruption of Wolf Volcano, Galapagos Islands

In late May 2015, the highest volcano in the Galapagos Islands, Wolf volcano, erupted for the first time in 33 years. The wide image and closeup of Wolf was acquired on June 11, 2015, by the ASTER instrument on NASA’s Terra satellite. The false-color images combine near-infrared, red, and green light (ASTER bands 3-2-1). To […]

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Helping Europe prepare for asteroid risk

Each year, astronomers worldwide discover over 1000 new asteroids or other space rocks that could strike our planet. And if one is spotted heading towards Earth, experts working in ESA and national emergency offices need to know who should do what, and when. To source

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Life on Mars?

As the 2016 spacecraft nears completion, mission scientists explain how the ExoMars programme will help in the search for life on Mars To source

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Telescopes focus on target of ESA’s asteroid mission

Telescopes around the globe recently homed in on one point in the sky, observing the paired Didymos asteroids – the target for ESA’s proposed Asteroid Impact Mission. The 800 m-diameter main body is orbited by a 170 m moon, informally dubbed Didymoon. The duo were more favourably placed from March until early June for studies. To […]

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[International Space Station / Japanese Experiment Module (KIBO)] Achievements of “The 1st Space Exploration and Kibo Utilization for Asia Workshop”

Achievements of“The 1st Space Exploration andKibo Utilization for Asia Workshop” Last Updated: June 30, 2015 The 1st Space Exploration and Kibo Utilization for Asia Workshop was successfully held on May 28, 2015, at LAPAN Headquarters, Jakarta, Indonesia. From related ministries and agencies, research institutions, space related corporations, and 15 organizations, approximately 100 participants attended the […]

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