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Don't Miss Your Last Chance to See Saturn for Awhile

Half an hour after sunset Thursday night, November 12, look for Saturn and the thin crescent moon low on the southwestern horizon.Credit: Starry Night software. If you’ve been looking for Saturn lately, you’ve seen it rapidly sinking towards the sun in the southwestern sky just after sunset. In reality what is happening is that Saturn […]

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Strategic Command Issues Statement on Trident Missile Test that Freaked Out the West Coast

With images like these, it’s no wonder California — not to mention the Twittersphere — freaked out Saturday evening when an unannounced test of a submarine-launched Trident missile lit up the evening sky. Photographer Porter Tinsley and her wife were on the shore of California’s desolate Salton Sea taking long exposures and time lapses with […]

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Finding 'Spooky': Why Hunting Asteroids Is Hard

This artist’s concept shows the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE spacecraft, in its orbit around Earth. In September of 2013, engineers brought the mission out of hibernation to hunt for more asteroids and comets in a project called NEOWISE.Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Newspapers, news channels, radio programs and social media were on fire last month with […]

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What's a Planet? There's a Test (and Pluto Flunked it)

Back-lit, blue-skied Pluto is still a planet in the heart, though not in official registers.Credit: NASA/New Horizons Team Nine years ago, the International Astronomical Union established new criteria for determining what classifies as a “planet,” a controversial move that officially (but not in spirit) stripped Pluto’s status as the solar system’s ninth planet. Left undecided […]

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US Senate Passes Compromise Commercial Space Bill

A provision of the final bill gives companies the rights to space resources they obtain from asteroids and other solar system bodies, without granting them ownership of the bodies themselves.Credit: Bryan Versteeg/DSI WASHINGTON — The Senate passed Nov. 10 the final version of a commercial space bill that extends two key regulatory provisions and provides […]

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Closest Earth-size Alien Planet Found, May Be a Venus Twin

A newly discovered planet 39 light-years away is being called the closest Earth-size exoplanet ever discovered — and a potential “Venus twin” — providing the mouth-watering opportunity for a close-up look at the environment on a rocky alien world. One of the dire frustrations of studying planets around other stars (and, really, any astronomical object) is their […]

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