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Rare Quasar Quartet Is the First of Its Kind Ever Seen

This image shows a rare view of four quasars, indicated by white arrows, found together by astronomers using the Keck Observatory in Hawaii. The bright galactic nuclei are embedded in a giant nebula of cool, dense gas visible in the image as a blue haze.Credit: Hennawi & Arrigoni-Battaia, MPIA A giant nebula in the early […]

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Singer Sarah Brightman Changes Her Tune on Space Mission

Singer Sarah Brightman trains in a Russian Sokol pressure suit for a future mission to the International Space Station.Credit: Sarah Brightman Famed soprano Sarah Brightman will not become the first professional singer in space this September. Brightman was scheduled to launch Sept. 1 on a self-funded 10-day mission to the orbiting lab aboard a Russian […]

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Uranus Is a Cool Place, But Jokes Make It the 'Saddest Planet' (Video)

The planet Uranus, imaged in infrared light by the Keck telescope.Credit: Lawrence Sromovsky, University of Wisconsin-Madison/ W.W. Keck Observatory When talking about the planet Uranus, it’s easy to crack jokes (ahem) about how its name is pronounced. But does the laughter put the planet at a disadvantage in terms of public interest?  Space enthusiast and […]

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Space fever

It started with a simple question that ended with a surprising answer and new technology that is being used in cutting-edge heart surgery and could save millions of euros in hospital bills. To source

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