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Tethys the Target

Like most moons in the solar system, Tethys is covered by impact craters. Some craters bear witness to incredibly violent events, such as the crater Odysseus (seen here at the right of the image). The image was taken in visible light with the Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera on April 11, 2015. To source

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James Bond Penetrates The Very Large Telescope

'Dark Matter' Heads From Comics To Syfy | Trailer

Orion on the Moon James Bond Penetrates The Very Large Telescope Rover Tracks: Being There – Controlling Missions on Mars The Meaning of Apollo ISS: We may be changing the course of human destiny. Dust Devils and Clouds on Mars Cassini – Saturn Where is ET?: SETI vs. the Fermi Paradox CAUTION! – How to […]

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Sentinel-2A sealed from view

As preparations for the launch of Sentinel-2A continue on track, the team at Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana has said farewell to the satellite as it was sealed from view in the Vega rocket fairing. Liftoff is set for 23 June at 01:52 GMT (03:52 CEST; 22:52 local time on 22 June). To source

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Watch live

ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, NASA’s Terry Virts and commander Anton Shkaplerov return to Earth on 11 June, streaming starts at 13:00 GMT / 15:00 CEST To source

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Dwarf Planet Ceres Revealed in Amazing Video

An amazing new video lets viewers fly over and around the dwarf planet Ceres, getting a great look at its heavily cratered surface. The new Ceres video , which NASA released today (June 8), was created using 80 images captured by the space agency’s Dawn spacecraft. Some photos were taken from Dawn’s first mapping orbit […]

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NASA's 'Pluto Time' Shows You How Bright It Is on Dwarf Planet

This artist’s impression depicts Pluto’s surface. The sun appears roughly 1,000 times fainter than it does on to us on Earth. Pluto’s moon Charon hangs in the sky. Image released June 8, 2015.Credit: NASA/Southwest Research Institute/Alex Parker A new NASA Web tool called “Pluto Time” allows people around the world to experience the light levels […]

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