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Earth from Space

Atmospheric scientists from the DLR German Aerospace Center join the Earth from Space video programme to discuss the first data from the recently-launched Sentinel-5P satellite To source

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Trump's Moon Directive Earns Praise from NASA, Others

President Donald Trumped signed a new space policy directive Monday (Dec. 11) ordering NASA to work toward sending humans to the moon and, eventually, Mars. As he signed the new directive at the White House, surrounded by several astronauts and other dignitaries, the president said that the order would “restore American leadership in space.” Experts across the […]

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Massive Black Hole Has Surprisingly Weak Magnetic Field

Material loses angular momentum as it spirals toward a black hole, transferring energy through the magnetic field into the black hole’s corona. The region around a black hole is a playground of immense forces and energies. Now, astronomers have measured the magnetic field surrounding a black hole located roughly 8,000 light-years away, and found it […]

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Little Inventors: Clever Kids Make Space Tech in New Contest

Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques interacts with students during an event to launch the Little Inventors: Inventions for Space initiative, at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa. OTTAWA, Ontario – Sixth-grade students Allegra and Jayne watched countless videos of astronauts living and working in space , and tried to figure out what cool invention […]

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Lucky View: Rare Double 'Moonbow' Shines in Magical Photo of Green Aurora

A double moonbow meets the northern lights under starry skies in this photo by astrophotographer Giuseppe Petricca. An explosion of colors lights up the evening sky as a rare double “moonbow” meets the northern lights in this stunning, star-speckled view.  Astrophotographer Giuseppe Petricca photographed the moonbows, or nighttime rainbows, from the Isle of Lewis in […]

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Trump Formally Establishes Lunar Landing Goal, But Without Details

NEW ORLEANS — President Donald Trump signed an order Dec. 11 formally directing NASA to send humans back to the moon , but provided no information on schedules or budgets for such an initiative. In a brief White House ceremony, Trump signed what the administration is calling Space Policy Directive 1 , which enacts a recommendation made […]

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'Rocket Science' Book Launches Kids Through Fundamentals of Space

“Rocket Science,” written by Andrew Radner and illustrated by Galen Frazer, talks about exploring planets across the solar system. Here, a rover on Mars (presumably the Curiosity rover) lasers a target on the surface. As I read the beautifully illustrated “Rocket Science ” by aerospace engineer Andrew Rader and illustrator Galen Frazer, I couldn’t help […]

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