ESA Masterclass: Paolo Ferri on communication and teamwork

Video: 00:10:04 Throughout the life of every mission, radio signals are transmitted between stations on ground and the spacecraft orbiting Earth, or voyaging across the Solar System. These signals contain instructions and commands sent up from mission control, and beam down data such as views of our planet collected by high-tech instruments on board. However, […]

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Artistic enigma decoded by cosmic Czech start-up

A Madonna and Child painting with a history almost as enigmatic as the Mona Lisa’s smile has been identified as an authentic Raphael canvas by Czech company InsightART, which used a robotic X-ray scanner to investigate the artwork. To source

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Earth from Space: Zeeland, Netherlands

Video: 00:03:34 In this week’s edition of the Earth from Space programme, the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission takes us over Zeeland – the westernmost province in the Netherlands. See also Zeeland, Netherlands to download the image. To source

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