The Orion Constellation in 450,000 Years: How Will It Look? (Video)

The constellation Orion, the Hunter, may be one of the most well-known star patterns in the night sky, but it won’t look the same forever.  In a new video by the European Space Agency, scientists used data from the agency’s Gaia and Hipparcos satellites to measure the movements of stars in the Orion constellation and its surrounding region. The result, this stunning time-lapse visualization that spans 450,000 years. Check out the video here and visit Monday (June 12) for a full story on the Orion constellation’s evolution. 

In the meantime, here’s some awesome facts about the Orion constellation: 

Orion Constellation: Facts About the Hunter

Orion’s Belt: String of Stars & Region of Star Birth

Rigel: Orion’s Brightest Star

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