Klotho and Lina

Appearing as strings of orange dots, the brightest sets of dots belong to asteroids Klotho and Lina. Both orbit out in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. To source

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ESA Impact 2020 – Quarter 1

ESA Impact 2020 – Quarter 1 ESA Impact Q1 highlights dramatic events on our planet including COVID-19, bushfires, an iceberg and a fireball, plus Solar Orbiter’s launch and astronaut Luca Parmitano’s return. To source

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Space in response to COVID-19 outbreak

The alarming levels of spread and severity of COVID-19 have led the World Health Organization to declare COVID-19 a pandemic outbreak. Italy is currently the most affected country in the world. ESA launches today the announcement of funding “Space in response to COVID-19 outbreak” in collaboration with the Italian Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitalisation […]

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ESA to conduct BepiColombo flyby amid coronavirus crisis

Controllers at ESA’s mission control centre are preparing for a gravity-assist flyby of the European-Japanese Mercury explorer BepiColombo. The manoeuvre, which will see the mission adjust its trajectory by harnessing Earth’s gravitational pull as it swings past the planet, will be performed amid restrictions ESA has implemented in response to the coronavirus pandemic. To source

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[Science & Basic] Numerical simulation technology

We are steadily advancing fundamental numerical simulation technology and its peripheral technologies to meet the highest standards. Through this work, we aim to promote the practical application of numerical simulation technology and support projects within JAXA, as well as making greater contributions to the development and enhanced credibility of the aerospace field. Simulation example of […]

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#SpaceConnectsUs replay

Video: 00:00:00 Asteroid Day and the European Space Agency connected Europe and the world with astronauts, scientists and performers bringing a message of hope and support for those facing the global Coronavirus crisis. This online programme was broadcast sequentially in Dutch, German, Italian, French and English to inspire armchair explorers everywhere. This English broadcast featured […]

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Single Arm Galaxy

Hubble Hooks a One-Arm Galaxy

Located about 21 million light-years from our galaxy in the constellation Canes Venatici, NGC 4618 has a diameter of about one-third that of our Milky Way. Together with its neighbor, NGC 4625, it forms an interacting galaxy pair, which means that the two galaxies are close enough to influence each other gravitationally. To source

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Space data adds to the fun for music fans

Devotees of electronic music are snapping up space-enabled creative content as they collect unique digital keepsakes and access the latest releases. As music concerts across the world are cancelled or postponed, artists and record labels are exploring new ways to deliver personalised content experiences to fans in their homes Companies that had previously specialised in […]

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