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Reentry rockers

Technology image of the week: UK band Public Service Broadcasting examine a reentry capsule during a recent visit to ESA’s technical heart To source

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July 7, 2003, NASA's Opportunity Rover Launches to Mars

On July 7, 2003, NASA launched its second Mars Exploration Rover, Opportunity, aboard a Delta II launch vehicle. Opportunity and its twin rover Spirit landed on Mars in 2004 to begin missions planned to last three months. Both rovers far exceeded those plans. Spirit worked for six years, and Opportunity is still active. To source

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Station Moon transit

Human spaceflight and operations image of the week: the International Space Station crosses the Moon seen from Australia To source

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The North Sea Abloom

Despite its cold waters and harsh winds, the North Sea is a fertile basin for phytoplankton blooms. The drifting, plantlike organisms tend to be most abundant in late spring and early summer due to high levels of nutrients in the water and increasing sunlight. To source

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Share the Sun

Share your summer pictures with the crew in Concordia research station in Antarctica, who have not seen the Sun since 4 May To source

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Europa’s blood-red scars

Space Science Image of the Week: The criss-crossing scars marking the surface of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa in this Galileo image look disturbingly biological To source

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