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Behold! The First 'Megamovie' of the 2017 Solar Eclipse

The Great American Solar Eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017, as seen over Madras, Oregon. Suffering through some eclipse withdrawal? A crowdsourced “megamovie” of yesterday’s epic event could cure what ails you. The Eclipse Megamovie Project released its first video yesterday (Aug. 21), showing gorgeous views of the Great American Solar Eclipse captured by about 1,500 […]

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What to Do with Your Eclipse Glasses

Dean Derek (right) snaps a selfie with Barbara Solomon (second to right), Brenda Hanson (third from right) and Mike Moen (left) in Prineville, Oregon. Totality is over, the moon is back to playing second fiddle relative to the sun — and yet you still have six pairs of eclipse-viewing glasses left from the eclipse party you […]

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The Great Solar Eclipse of 2017 Has Begun! Here's the First Video

The Great American Solar Eclipse is officially underway! The moon’s shadow began darkening the Hawaiian Islands in a partial eclipse at 11:50 a.m. EDT (1550 GMT, 5:50 a.m. local Hawaii time) today (Aug. 21), and then arrived on the northern California coast 10 minutes later. Visit Space.com for complete coverage of the solar eclipse today. […]

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The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 Is Happening Today

The total solar eclipse of Aug. 21 has arrived. One of the biggest astronomical events of the century is finally here: Today (Aug. 21), a total solar eclipse  will cross the U.S. from Oregon to South Carolina, starting in Oregon at 12 p.m. EDT/9 a.m. PDT (1600 GMT). To viewers inside the “path of totality […]

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Turn Your Cereal Box into an Eclipse Projector

[embedded content] If you need a safe way to view the eclipse but don’t have a pair of legitimate eclipse glasses , a solution could be hiding in your pantry. On “Good Morning America” today (Aug. 21), our own Sara G. Miller showed the audience and host Lara Spencer how to turn an ordinary cereal box […]

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