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BepiColombo Earth flyby

Spot BepiColombo during its ‘goodbye flyby’

On 10 April, BepiColombo will be visible to amateur and professional astronomers during its first – and only – Earth flyby, as the spacecraft makes its way to Mercury, the innermost planet of the Solar System. The best place to spot it is the southern hemisphere, but observers in southern locations of the northern hemisphere […]

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Mars landscape

Choosing rocks on Mars to bring to Earth

If you could bring something back from Mars to Earth, what would you choose? This question is becoming reality, as ESA opens a call for scientists to join a NASA team working to determine which martian samples should be collected and stored by the Perseverance rover set to launch this Summer. To source

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Earth from Space: Finistère

Earth from Space: Finistère

Video: 00:00:00 In this week’s edition of the Earth from Space programme, the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission  takes us over Finistère – a French department in the west of Brittany.See also Finistère, France  to download the image. To source

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Reimar Lüst

Professor Reimar Lüst (1923-2020)

Professor Reimar Lüst, one of Europe’s great space pioneers, passed away on 31 March 2020 aged 97. Prof. Lüst was ESA’s third Director General, serving from 1984 until 1990, and was one of the greatest visionaries behind the initiation and then promotion of the European space endeavour. To source

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Calling for innovative proposals to characterise impacts of COVID-19

COVID-19: how can satellites help?

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has virtually paralysed daily life as we know it. Even when the spread of this highly infectious disease has been stemmed, the world will face huge challenges getting back to normal. To help support experts working in Europe’s research centres and technical organisations during these unprecedented times, ESA has issued two […]

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Perspective view of Korolev crater

Space missions return to science

After a brief shutdown of science instruments and a period in ‘safe standby’, ESA’s planetary missions are getting back to what they do best, gathering science data from around the Solar System. To source

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Satellites map the global flow of oil

Demand for oil has collapsed due to the coronavirus pandemic just as supply is about to strengthen because of a dispute between Russia and Saudi Arabia. As a result, oil prices have sunk to levels not seen since 2002. As storage tanks around the world fill up, ESA-backed companies are using satellite data to map […]

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