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Science beyond fiction

The first TEDxESA conference will take place on 11 November, hosted at ESA’s technical heart, with the theme ‘Science Beyond Fiction’ To source

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Slam dunk for Andreas in space controlling rover on ground

Putting a round peg in a round hole is not hard to do by someone standing next to it. But yesterday ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen did this while orbiting 400 km up aboard the International Space Station, remotely operating a rover and its robotic arm on the ground. To source

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Live: driving from ISS

Follow ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen operating the Interact rover from space – initial force feedback test now at 1600 CEST, with rover on move at 1800 To source

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Cosmic billows

Space Science Image of the Week: Planck reveals an interstellar filament and our galactic neighbours, the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds To source

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Sentinel-2 catches eye of algal storm

The Sentinel-2A satellite has been in orbit for only a matter of weeks, but new images of an algal bloom in the Baltic Sea show that it is already exceeding expectations. Built essentially as a land monitoring mission, Sentinel-2 will also certainly find its way into marine applications. To source

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Mission team ready for Galileo launch

When the next pair of Galileo satellites is boosted into orbit next Friday, a team of mission control experts in Darmstadt, Germany, will spring into action, working around the clock to bring the duo through their critical first days in space. To source

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